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Sunset Pictures From A Beach Walk

About 3 miles from our home in Mattapoisett is this great piece of land donated by Paul Munn, now called the Munn Preserve. Chris and Sara introduced us to it a couple months back as a great place to take … Continue reading

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Tomcat 5.0.x bug with dollar sign (and non ASCII characters)

Hoping to bring this to the top of the queue for anyone else that runs into this: if you put configuration information into your Tomcat conf\server.xml file and said configuration contains a dollar sign ‘$’, according to bugzilla [1,2], the … Continue reading

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Tabbing Through Tabs

My boss asked me today if it was possible to tab through the tabs of a Firefox window (the only drawback to tabbed browsing is that you lose ALT-TAB). Turns out you can use CTRL-PAGEDOWN and CTRL-PAGEUP to tab through … Continue reading

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Joel Webber took some time to analyze the new google mapping application (which is amazing, every person I’ve showed it too thinks it’s one of the coolest things they’ve seen on the web recently). They do some really cool stuff … Continue reading

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Retrieving an RSS feed protected by Basic Authentication using ROME

Today I worked on a feature in a Struts web application where I needed to retrieve an RSS feed that is protected by Basic Authentication and then display the the results of the feed in a web page. I’ve heard … Continue reading

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