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How to be a Programmer

Short, well written 40 page article on “How to be a Programmer“: via [postneo] via [slashdot]

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Languages and their corresponding codes

Ever wondered “Where can I find a list of all the languages and their corresponding codes?” NISO Z39.53 Language Codes [cms list]

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3 months goofing

“You have spent the equivalent of 3 months goofing off this year.” [swartz]

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The Age of Spiritual Machines

Finished “The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence” by Ray Kurzweil a couple weeks ago. If you want a scary view of what the future holds, read this book. I’m not a great book reviewer, so just … Continue reading

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File to download

Ever wanted to calculate how long it would take a certain file to download via various connection speeds? Use the Download Time Calculator.

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More on ColdFusion & HttpSessionListener interface

Update on yesterday’s post. Here’s a sample listener that implements the HttpSessionListener interface: **************************************************** package com.mindseye; import javax.servlet.http.*; import javax.servlet.http.HttpSessionListener; /** * @author Aaron Johnson * * * CFMXHttpSessionListener: An object that implements the HttpSessionListener * interface, allowing CFMX … Continue reading

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ColdFusion & HttpSessionListener interface

Couple weeks ago some guys from Macromedia stopped by to yack with us about what we thought could be improved and/or added to the next version of CFMX. One of the things that came up a couple times was that … Continue reading

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The Jabber Programmers Guide

The Jabber Programmers Guide: A Comprehensive Snapshot of Jabber

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Content Synchronization Using Rsync

So months ago we were discussing ways of synchronizing files between two servers (for instance the images on a content staging and multiple production servers). My boss kinda put together a list of links for rsync, an open source utility … Continue reading

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On object-oriented design

On object-oriented design: “… Should I derive the class Polyline from the class Point? This has fairly obvious answer. A Polyline is clearly not a kind of point, so it is not logical to derive the class Polyline from the … Continue reading

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