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tomorrow @ MINDSEYE I’m giving a presentation to management/design/creative on XML, basically a high level overview of what it is and how they should be thinking about it. After working with Spectra, which used a pseudo XML called WDDX to … Continue reading

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a lion?

read Wild at Heart by John Eldredge. Hmmphh.. 2 stars out of 5. Tomorrow, 7/31, I’m installing and configuring a couple servers @ acushnet (parent company of titleist, footjoy, scotty cameron, cobra & pinnacle) for the new site I’ve … Continue reading

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a new Kephart

Our friends Craig and Kristen Kephart, who live up in beautful York, Maine, just had their second. Pictures are here. Coincidentally (or not?), Money Magazine just picked York as one of the top ten places to vacation in the entire … Continue reading

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the race

Karen won… well, she finished. 12 miles of biking, 800 meter swim, 3 miles running.. pictures here. From Micromechanical Flying Insects. Essentially scientists are trying to reproduce the fly. Our flying drones supposedly have scared Saddam Hussein into not … Continue reading

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finished Pilgrim at Tinker Creek… I guess the nap this afternoon gave me enough juice to finish it out. I read books quickly.. I’m sure there are lots of things I don’t even pick up, just like a complicated movie, … Continue reading

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the creek

On page 113 of Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard. Great book. I did nothing today but eat, sleep and read. My wife is partcipating in a mini triathalon tomorrow. Go Karen!

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first midlet!

howto: changing time on your linux machine completed this J2ME tutorial last night. The Sun/Java Wireless toolkit made it easy to get up and running quickly. The JWTK has emulators, similiar to the emulators provided for doing WAP work. … Continue reading

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Developing for the J2EE Tomcat Platform jabber founders blog read about Edward Tufte a couple days ago on Kottke after hearing about him from our creative director Marc here at work. Came across this interesting article on MSDN today which … Continue reading

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open source java directory

from the Oreilly Open Source conference this week in San Diego: Open Source Java Directory. So now you have to remember to check here, and here, and here for OS Java apps. Whenever I get around to developing a wireless … Continue reading

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LAPD: here he comes!

my brother passed the initial LAPD test, he’s on to an interview this Tuesday. Go Kev! Some friends are traveling to Norway this week. My Grandma, who lives in Staten Island, is from Heroysundt, Norway, which is near Bergen, the … Continue reading

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