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Developing for the J2EE Tomcat Platform

jabber founders blog

read about Edward Tufte a couple days ago on Kottke after hearing about him from our creative director Marc here at work. Came across this interesting article on MSDN today which said that Tufte is probably the biggest UI inspiration at Microsoft (at least in 1999). Someday I need to read one of this books.

Tai gave a great presentation today in our developers/org meeting (this presentation was targeted at upper management and creative) on the differences between browsers and what that means to developers. Interesting links: browser stats at w3schools from

here’s a nice chart of browser capabilities:

which was linked from here, a great resource:

and, some more great links:
this is the one Maia sent recently, great start:

css validator:

html/xhtml validator:

of course:

browser archive:

broswer emulator:

browser market share study:

nice essay:

5.0 browsers:

browser death-match:

woah links…

amazon web services

from Amazon web services via SOAP or XML over HTTP. Couple examples here. This site is lightning fast (ASP retrieving XML via ResponseXML object).

[update 07/19/2002: you can/could create a dynamic bookstore based on your own content using a tool like this. ie: user is on the “mexican food’ page, we show mexican food cookbooks from amazon, kinda cool] — My first use of this could be a cool cookbook lookup tool in Just gotta finish the re-write.

interesting articles

Spent numerous hours tonight trying to get a JSP/Servlet app running again on Tomcat 4.01. I’ve learned (for the second time) that Tomcat is really really fussy about web.xml. It likes things in a certain order or else you get an ugly error message that doesn’t say anything about what *actually* went wrong. Uggh.

Well thought out reasoning on why I should go back to school:

How to internationalize a Struts app: