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Notes from my .NET/ASP.NET reading

Notes from my .NET/ASP.NET reading back in September…

ildasm — command line tool for viewing manifest file contents

wincv — allows you to quickly look up information about a class or series of classes, based on a search pattern

All aspx pages are compiled to a subdirectory of the .NET framework folder, you can change the path to the compiled files by editing machine.config

csc for C#
vbc for Visual Basic .NET
jsc for JScript .NET

C# and SOAP examples

Spent time w/ C# and SOAP today. I rewrote this ASP/VB/SOAP example using C#. Wow is .NET way easier than manually writing out an XML packet, making a request, parsing said XML packet using VBScript… plus you get all the obvious .NET implied features like automatic creation of WSDL descriptors and generated SOAP request and response sample packets. I’ll post my refactoring of the above example in C# soon.