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Presentations on Flash and Flash Communications Server

Couple guys from Macromedia came by today to give us (and some Acushnet guys) a presentation on Flash and Flash Communications Server, saw some really really interesting apps… one of the more interesting was an ‘environment’ in which you can post notes, chat, and leave video. Check out Dream Domain sometime. I’m not even sure that I understand what’s going on, but the interface is amazing.

Laszlo: rich internet applications

MINDSEYE was approached by a VC to evaluate this product a couple months ago, looks like they’re doing pretty well. The product itself (I’m sure I’m supposed to be under NDA w/ this, but whatever) is interesting in that you write your Laszlo code using a Laszlo flavor of XML, save it and then the Laszlo engine compiles it into a .swf. So instead of firing up your Flash MX editor to create a SWF, you can use a text editor. If you’re interested in rich internet applications, check out the demo.