deliciousposter 1.02 released and fun with html entities

I fixed a bug in deliciousposter that’s probably been wrecking havoc on anyone reading this site using an aggregator for a long time. You’re probably a nerd if you’re reading this post anyway, so I’ll bore you with the details. The deliciousposter project uses the delicious java library to get a list of posts from, creates a blog post using Velocity (which is really nasty now that I’ve been using Freemarker for the last year) and then uses the MetaWeblog API to publish the resulting blog post to a blog. So the data gets pushed to originally:
Aaron’s Stuff » DeliciousPoster
returned from in XML
Aaron’s Stuff » DeliciousPoster
to the java library, which decodes the XML so that you again have this:
Aaron’s Stuff » DeliciousPoster
but then you post that using XML-RPC and you end up with something like this:
Aaron?s Stuff ? DeliciousPoster
Why? Because you need to escape any HTML entities before sending them along via XML-RPC, I used Commons-Lang, which has a utility for escaping HTML entities:
Think that’s nerdy? Wait until you have to do the same thing with titles in RSS.

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