Five Things

My friend and ex-roommate David tagged me with the five things meme, so here are five things about me you probably don’t know:

  1. My parents tell me that the doctor dropped me on the floor when I was born.
  2. I lettered in soccer and baseball in high school.
  3. I got my first computer (a Color Classic) in college. I remember playing Maelstrom while listening to Tribe Called Quest with my roommate for hours.
  4. I worked at Fuddruckers during my college summers, gaining a ‘Guest Service Representative’ certification. I’m not sure if my certification expired, but if you buy me lunch, I’ll be happy to refill your drink.
  5. I’ve seen Major League Baseball games at the following parks:
    • Dodger Stadium
    • Angel Stadium
    • Jack Murphy Stadium
    • PETCO Park
    • Candlestick Park
    • Bank One Ballpark
    • Coors Field
    • Shea Stadium
    • McAfee Coliseum
    • Kingdome
    • Fenway Park
    • Skydome*
    • Camden Yards
    • Yankee Stadium

I’ll tag Joe, John, Ryan, Erik and Mike.

* The visit to the Skydome probably shouldn’t count, I didn’t actually see a game there because I was in Toronto in November. I think there was a Canadian Aboriginal festival happening that day.

One thought on “Five Things”

  1. We should join forces sometime – I’ve been thinking about a summer baseball road trip that would take me to Kansas City (Royals), Chicago (Cubs, Sox), Milwaukee (Brewers), and Minneapolis (Twins). It would probably two weeks but I’d remember it forever…

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