Delicious + Movable Type + Java

I’ve been keeping a list of interesting links in a text file for the last couple years and only recently thought better of it and started using to store links. And I wanted to show the links as part of this blog, but I wasn’t satisfied with just including their RSS feed of my links in blog (what happens when / if disappears?) so I whipped up a some code using the delicious-java library and the Apache XML-RPC library that extracts my delicious links from the previous day and then posts them directly my Movable Type blog using the XML-RPC API that comes standard with Movable Type. After putting it up on my server, I wrote a simple shell script that invokes the Java class and then popped that into /etc/cron.daily/ so that it will get called a nightly basis, voila!

cd /usr/apps/delicious/
java -cp commons-codec-1.3.jar:commons-httpclient-3.0-rc2.jar:

If you’d like to run it your own server, feel free to download the binaries (which include the source code), edit to match your Movable Type and profiles and scheduled it to run on a nightly basis.