Configuring Apache James to send email via a smart host

Unfortunately we’re still using Windows on our servers at work, the last application I deployed didn’t have IIS installed on it (yay!), which means no local SMTP service. I needed a local SMTP server so I installed Apache James (I know, it’s probably overkill, but we might use some of it’s other features later). Anyway, buried deep in the SMTP Virtual Server properties applet in IIS is the ability to configure the server to send all email through another server; in IIS parlance this is called a ‘smart host‘. James (love the name btw) doesn’t have a ‘smart host’ option property sheet, but you can get the same functionality by using the <gateway> and <gatewayPort> elements of config.xml (buried in $james_install/apps/james/SAR-INF/config.xml). Read up on the options under RemoteDelivery.

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