CFX_Lucene updates

Couple people have written me in the last couple days with updates they’ve done to the Lucene and ColdFusion tags I wrote a couple months ago.

First, Nick Burch from Torchbox updated the CFX tag so that it “… behaves better under error conditions and … the command line debug now works.” I also read here that they (torchbox) are hoping to release an open source package written in Java “… to convert file
types to plain text and a CF custom tag to interface to Lucence which will
search them.

Today, Scott piped in with a nice addition that adds the score to the query returned to the calling tag:

// Define column indexes
String[] columns = { "URL", "TITLE", "SUMMARY", "SCORE" } ;

// loop over all the results, add each to the query
for (int i = 0; i
For those of you like Scott who want to index PDF and Office documents, I'd suggest you start taking a look at these JGURU FAQ's:

Java Guru: How can I index PDF documents?

Java Guru: How can I index Word documents?


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