More cool 3650 software

Mitch Kapor ranted about the email software that came with the Nokia 3650 he recently purhcased. He wanted software like that on the Blackberry that “pushes” your email out to your phone. Jim Corbett commented that Active Mail from Cibenix does exactly that… and works on the 3650. I’ll try it out soon and post some screenshots.

2 thoughts on “More cool 3650 software”

  1. Thanks Aaron but I didn’t use the word ‘push’ did I?… lol. It’s really a pull mechanism where you can create a schedule for the phone to automatically dial up to check for new mail. But with IMAP and GPRS support and the fact that you can set it up to automatically fetch email that sends an SMS notification, it’s just as good to me as any push system 🙂

    Great blog by the way; going into my aggregator right away!

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