J2ME StopWatch

The MIDlet I mentioned Tuesday is ‘working’… I guess it’s pretty basic functionality. A Thread repaints a Canvas object every 500 milliseconds, you can stop, start and reset the stopwatch. Download the jar and the jad here, install them on your favorite J2ME capable phone and lemme know if it works for you.

Update 10/7/2005: You can download the source here.

5 thoughts on “J2ME StopWatch”

  1. Help me please now i make one game and this want to use a timer for a game complete i wanna source code about timer or stop watch
    thank you

  2. hi,i live in germany and work with borland jbuilder9.i have a problem to create a stopwatch.please can you show me the all code for this(the stopwatch had to count from 1 minute like this(01:00)to 0 second like this(00:00).thank you.can

  3. just what I’m looking for…but I kinda need the time to start from 3 seconds…can I have the codes also?

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