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I installed the Nokia Developers Suite for J2ME today and was able to get the Nokia Series 60 Emulator up and running a MIDlet I’ve been working on for the last couple weeks, which you can see at the right. The Series 60 SDK, still in beta (version .3 as I understand it) supports both Windows & Linux and can integrate with Borland JBuilder Mobile Edition, Sun ONE Studio and the Sun J2ME Wireless Toolkit, which I’m using.

I haven’t been able to hack with the Nokia UI package yet, but apparently it gives you the ability to control lighting and vibration from the package… Lots of MIDP 2.0 specific stuff, which doesn’t help me as I’m using the 3650 (which is stuck on MIDP 1.0). I don’t see anything about being able to control the camera (although I guess that’s specific to the phone and not Series 60). More later on the toolkit.

One of the difficulties with J2ME is that while a J2ME app will hypothetically run on almost any J2ME compatible device, not all devices map the same button to the same Command. For instance, as I’ve been working on this app, I’ll create 2 buttons. On the WTK Emulator, I’ll see the two buttons next to each other, when I deploy the same app to my phone via Bluetooth, I get a menu selection with 2 options. In the listening I’ve done on KVM-Interest, it looks like can do one of three things: a) develop your application for a specific phone, b) don’t worry about where the buttons show up on each device, or c) develop your own custom UI components, rather than using the MIDP 1.0 UI components. I need to download and use more MIDP apps to find out what the majority of people do, although I’d be interested in hearing what you have to say!

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  1. The camera stuff is controlled via Sun’s Multimedia API. You can find the API docs for it if you installed the beta 03 of the Series 60 MIDP SDK emulator (for some reason it’s disappeared from v1.0!!). Here, I googled it for you: A good example of how it’s used (maybe the *only* example) is the BlogPlanet J2ME blogging app.

    About the buttons: IMHO all mobile devices are different – it’s like HTML at the beginning when designers went nuts trying to get pixel-perfect versions of their Quark XPress docs and thought HTML sucked because they couldn’t get it. Eventually they stopped fighting it and just worked within the limitations of the medium.

    Thus, save yourself some grey hair, make sure the app looks good on the phone you have (I have the 3650 which I think is a bit odd) and don’t worry about having the options *exactly* where you want them to be. 🙂


  2. Any ideas where I can find J2ME BREW developers in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs in Illinois? My company needs them but we can’t import them (no relo & no sponsorship)
    Pay is 80-110k base with Bi annual bonuses
    Potential is realsitic 130k

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