Sony Ericsson J2ME SDK

Sony released the final version of their SDK for J2ME and guidelines for Java developers.

Russ mentioned a couple weeks ago that the 3650 supports Sun’s Media API; apparently the T610 supports a subset of it: “The Mobile Media API (MMAPI) extends the functionality of the J2ME platform by providing audio, video and other time-based multimedia support to resource-constrained devices. As a simple and lightweight optional package, it allows Java developers to gain access to native multimedia services available on a given device. The T610 supports a subset of the MMAPI. The T610 MMAPI implementation allows the developer to access the audio functionality on the device. In particular, the T610 implementation provides support for ToneGeneration, IMelody, AMR and MIDI audio formats. The T610 MMAPI implementation does not support any video formats.

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  1. Hi

    Does the MMAPI support on the T610 include audio record functionality as well as playback – I noted that the Nokia MMAPI implementation was play-back only… Richard

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