J2ME Beginner Links

Sooner or later I’d like to begin writing some easy apps for the 3650 I just bought. I’m looking for J2ME resources specific to Nokia and came across a couple tonigh:

Developer Discussion Boards

Nokia Java/J2ME Tools

Nokia Tools and SDKs

Wireless Web Services: A great article that introduces the use of kXML-RPC in lieu of using SOAP on a J2ME device.

Looks like there isn’t a handset emulator for the 3650 on the Nokia site,

AT&T has their own program, called the “Data Developer Program“, which is absolutely impossible to register for… I’ve tried about 10 different username combinations and passwords… none of which work.. I’m thinking they’re having major issues with the application, how frustrating. I’m currently getting the following error when trying to login:

Please correct the following or provide more information
— Unable to process your login attempt at this time

Helpful, isn’t it?

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