v9 of Jabber Journal

v9 of Jabber Journal is out.

If you would like to learn from key Jabber contributors in person, mark your calendar now for the O’Reilly Open Source Software Convention 2003 in Portland, Oregon (July 7-11). There will be Jabber presentations by Jeremie Miller, Harold Gottschalk, and yours truly, a half-day Jabber tutorial by Ryan Eatmon and Peter Millard, and a talk by longtime Jabberites DJ Adams and Piers Harding. Thanks to generous support from Jabber Inc., the Jabber Software Foundation will host a booth on the convention floor where we’ll be spreading the Jabber gospel to anyone who will listen (let us know if you’d like to demo your software there). And you can be sure that the many Jabber developers in attendance will be holding enough late-night hackfests to really help you get in touch with your inner geek. Don’t miss it!

I’m going to be in Portland in July for a wedding on the 12th. OSCON would make having to wear a suit worth it! 🙂

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