Wireless J2ME Applications with Java and Bluetooth

Java Developer’s Journal — Wireless J2ME Applications with Java and Bluetooth: “Let’s look at a scenario where life is made simpler using Java and Bluetooth technology: the Java Shared Whiteboard. Three employees of Acme Widgets Inc. need to have an impromptu meeting. Unfortunately, no conference rooms are available, so the team is forced to hold their meeting in the cafeteria. They would have preferred using a conference room because each room is equipped with an electronic whiteboard. However, since every member of the team has a Java Bluetooth-enabled PDA, their meeting in the cafeteria is very productive.

One member has a new program for his PDA called the Java Shared Whiteboard. Using Bluetooth technology, he sends that program to the rest of the team. Using Over-the-Air Provisioning (OTA) provided by J2ME, each member installs and runs the application on the fly. The meeting can now begin because the whiteboard is shared among the PDAs. Each participant can draw figures on his or her device and the image will appear instantly on the other screens. To save time, one member can take notes and send them to everyone’s device while the meeting is in progress.

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