update on JCACHE

update on JCACHE from Cameron Purdy: “JCache. jCache. JCACHE. Who knows. It’s Technically known as JSR 107 and it’s been stuck in the doldrums until recently due to Oracle licensing issues. I am on the expert commitee. One thing that I really dislike about the JCP is its total lack of transparency. The work all goes on behind an iron curtain. Take this JSR for example. It’s been in process for a year and a half, but no one outside the JSR knows what state it is in. The specs inside the JSR don’t match the ones published with the original JSR at all. The specs implemented by various future JCACHE vendors don’t match either the originally published API or the current thinking for the JSR. There’s no status updates, no accountability. If a vendor wanted to implement the spec, they’d have to wait for the public review period at the earliest, and would be far behind Tangosol, Oracle, SpiritSoft, etc. by that point. The JCP should not be the means to a market advantage for a company; it should the means for the market advantage of Java.”


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