Got in bed at 10:30pm last night and read Prey from start to finish… it was one of those books you just can’t put down until you’re done. Michael Crichton had to do research on genetics, nanotechnology, distributed intelligence and a host of other subjects to get this book out the door… I can’t wait for the movie, according to the official site:

“The film version of Prey is now in development at Twentieth Century Fox. No details yet.”

And how many fictional novels have a bibliography? Some of the more interesting books:

Cambrian Intelligence: The Early History of the New AI by Rodney Brooks, head AI guy at MIT

Swarm Intelligence: From Natural to Artificial Systems

Natural Enemies: The Population Biology of Predators, Parasites and Diseases

Multi-Agent Systems: An Introduction to Distributed Artificial Intelligence

Hidden Order: How Adaptation Builds Complexity

Swarm Intelligence

Artificial Life: A Report from the Frontier Where Computers Meet Biology

Reasoning about Rational Agents

Reading this book made me want to start working with distributed intelligence and AI… Where would one start if you wanted to work in this industry? Go back to school? Write some software that emulates distributed intelligence? Cry for mommy?

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