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jabber server installed

How fun is this! I had an hour free this afternoon so I read over the docs on installing the AIM transport for jabber. It took me about 3 hours, but I finally got the AIM transport compiled AND completely functioning. If you’re interested in seeing how jabber works, download exodus and then register @ You can then IM with other jabber users, but more importantly, you can IM other AIM users… *someday* we’ll all be using jabber powered IM. jabber me @

jabber client tutorial

If you’re interested in Jabber from a “how do I use Jabber as a client” standpoint, this is a great tutorial. It turns out that you can talk to MSN and AIM gateways using a Jabber client *as long as* the Jabber server you’re using has the AIM or MSN transport installed.

lucene search up and running

Inspired by Sam Ruby, I got Lucene to search this site.. My search sample size is pretty small, but 10 milliseconds for a search on any site is pretty fast. How?

First, download the Lucene binaries.

Second, throw lucene-1.2.jar & lucene-demos-1.2.jar into your classpath or into your $siteroot/WEB-INF/lib folder.

Run a quick index of the html files you want indexed:

# java -classpath #InsertPathToAboveMentionedJars org.apache.lucene.demo.IndexHTML -create #InsertPathToFilesYouWantIndexed

And then you can run a query using the sample jsp provided w/ the Lucene download by changing the path to the index you created. Pretty simple!

Maybe someday I’ll polish up the scripts and add it to Moveable Type’s External Resources page.

full text search w/ lucene

Last week at work was slow.. I installed Jabber, put the finishing touches on, and worked on the linux desktop I have all day on Friday because I had to FTP about 3GB’s of data via a VPN connection, which completely tied up my Windows desktop machine. So Friday I installed and began working with Lucene, an open source full text searching api written entirely in Java. By sheer coincidence, Lucene was written by the same guy who wrote the V-Twin search capability in the Mac, which I mentioned yesterday (and found out about by reading Interface Culture, weird!). By the end of this coming week I hope to have a functional search for this site using Lucene. But for now.. links:

Lucene Tutorial

Javaworld Article on using Lucene

Lucene FAQ Home Page

Lucene Mailing List Archive

Finding Out About: A Cognitive Perspective on Search Engine Technology and the WWW (With CD-ROM)

interesting articles

Spent numerous hours tonight trying to get a JSP/Servlet app running again on Tomcat 4.01. I’ve learned (for the second time) that Tomcat is really really fussy about web.xml. It likes things in a certain order or else you get an ugly error message that doesn’t say anything about what *actually* went wrong. Uggh.

Well thought out reasoning on why I should go back to school:

How to internationalize a Struts app: