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It’s Officially Winter..

We got a relatively large dump of snow this past Sunday night and then experienced one of those bitterly cold and blindingly bright winter mornings that make the hour or two or shoveling all worth it. I snapped a couple … Continue reading

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My son arrived this morning…

I’m a proud father. Here’s proof.

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Automated Application Deployment with Tomcat: Part II with Subversion And Ant

Got around to writing the deployment scripts that go with the Subversion work I did last week. As part of the scripts, I also worked on the problem I wrote about a couple weeks ago (ie: needing different log4j properties … Continue reading

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Source Control with Subversion on Windows

We’re getting around to hiring an additional me at work so I needed to get a source control solution in place before he/she arrives and starts hacking away at the codebases. At the last place I worked we used Visual … Continue reading

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MT Captcha Installed

I installed and configured MT Captcha on all six blogs this server hosts. While it does present a problem for a blind person who wants to post a comment (quick fix: send me an email if you want to post … Continue reading

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Java static initializer question

I ran into a problem with a section of code that lives within a Java static initializer; I’m not sure that the problem is the static init. Let me step back and frame the problem first. I have a Struts … Continue reading

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