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Blog Spam and Parasites

So I run a couple blogs and like many people I haven’t solved the blog spam problem yet (even MT-Blacklist only works some of the time and it’s a losing battle). There obviously have been alot of people trying to … Continue reading

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In my continuing quest for free stuff, I *helped* a buddy transfer his ASP based website to my movable type installation and we had the launch party… um.. actually there was no launch party. No free beer or pizza. Nada. … Continue reading

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New Feature on

The Thanksgiving 2004 Cooking Adventure is online now courtesy of yours truly and some nagging by my mom to put something new on the homepage. Oh, and she wrote part of it, so I guess she deserves some credit.

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Commons Net FTP listFiles() returns null

Just bringing this to the top of the Google QueueTM, if you’re using the listFiles() method of the class and you’re seeing that listFiles() returns null when it shouldn’t be, make sure to upgrade to the latest and greatest … Continue reading

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Automating Application Deployment with Tomcat

I’m asking a bunch of questions here so if you’re expecting answers, look elsewhere. In the past couple years, I’ve waded through a bunch of different ways to configure and build Java web applications. At first, I hardcoded connection strings, … Continue reading

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Scotty Cameron Studio Store: Struts, Hibernate, Quartz, Ant, Cewolf, etc..

On Monday we launched the online store I was working on this summer for We brought the ecommerce capabilities in-house (it was on Yahoo! Store) so that we could leverage some of the existing functionality I built for address … Continue reading

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Titleist Performance Institute

If you’ve peeked at my resume recently, you may have noticed the work I did for a division of the company I work called Titleist Performance Institute. The institute was recently written up in Forbes (online) by John Steinbreder, but … Continue reading

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