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Java / Web Developer Job Opening: Southern Massachusetts

Don’t bother applying unless you live in or around southern Massachusetts or are willing to relocate to southern Massachusetts. I work for the largest golf company in the world and I’m looking for a partner in crime. Strong Java, Struts … Continue reading

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The ‘using’ keyword

Joe pointed out that the C# PGP decryption code that I wrote could be better; specifically I should be checking the xExitCode property of the Process instance and the code would also be better served if I made certain that … Continue reading

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Conflicting mindsets of C# vs. Java: Part II

You all read the the ‘Conflicting mindsets of C# vs. Java‘ weblog post right? And you all noticed that the guys running the Lucene.NET project on sourceforge closed up shop, took all their toys and went on home right? I’m … Continue reading

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Sending your Outlook calendar using Python

At work we’re required to send an email with our personal schedules at the beginning of the month to everyone in our group so that (at least until your schedule changes) everyone knows where everyone else is. Sure, we could … Continue reading

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daily links

· The guys at Search Engine Watch have a blog now… · Python date handling tutorial · Java Open Single Sign-On Project: an open source J2EE-based SSO infrastructure aimed to provide a solution for centralized platform neutral user authentication. · … Continue reading

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daily links

· Outlook Constants (useful for programming against Outlook using Python) · A helpful introduction to programming Outlook using Python · Jabber support in Mac OS X Tiger · Installing James as a Windows Service: The SMTP server built into IIS … Continue reading

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daily links

· How do know if an online business is reputable? Use the Better Business Bureau search. Sometimes I do a search on google using the business name as the keyword appending “scam” or “sucks”. Epinions works too. · How to … Continue reading

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PGP Decryption using C#

Sorry if the PGP meme is getting old, I had to write some new code yesterday that decrypted a file full of ciphertext and I didn’t see any other examples on the net, so it gets posted here for posterity. … Continue reading

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daily links

· Stop Win XP from Searching Within ZIP Files: how annoying is it when you try to open a folder and Windows XP thinks it has to list the contents of all the zip files in that folder? · RIM … Continue reading

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