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Extracting Text From MS Word

Someone on the Lucene User list wanted to know if it was possible to search MS Word documents using Lucene. The normal response is to go and take a look at the Jakarta POI project (new blog by the way). … Continue reading

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ASP.NET: The View State is invalid for this page and might be corrupted

I fixed a tricky bug yesterday on one of our sites that runs ASP.NET. Like all good webmasters, anytime a 500 error occurs on the site, an email is sent to me that contains all the juicy details: the URL … Continue reading

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Enable the 30 Second Skip on your Remote

From, a site that offers a bunch of Tivo related upgrades and accessories, a tip that save your eyes and your thumb: Every TiVo can do a 30 second skip – you just have to enable it. Here’s how … Continue reading

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Bad Hardware

I was out of commission all last week because of what may turn out to be a herniated disk in my lower back. Last Sunday I stepped out of the car and felt something go wrong. I took Monday off, … Continue reading

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Hibernate Hibtags

From the Hibernate Developer list,Serge Knystautas announced the availability of a JSTL tag library that wraps Hibernate 2.1 “… including find, filter,load, refresh, save, update, and delete” called Hibtags. It certainly brings to mind a discussion on not so … Continue reading

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