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re: Why Do Java Developers Like to Make Things So Hard?

James Turner, a committer on the Struts project and a Senior Editor at LinuxWorld Magazine, wrote an article for the magazine a couple days ago that caught the eye of a couple bloggers (Beattie, Colburn). There are a bunch of … Continue reading

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External Applications & Java’s Runtime.exec()

Follow up to the last entry on Java & PGP, I found this article on Java World entitled “When Runtime.exec() won’t” that made a couple of great points. First, in reference to the 2 methods available to developers working with … Continue reading

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Java & PGP

One of the Java projects I’m working on required that the application encrypted certain pieces of information (not files, but strings) using PGP, and from what I can tell, there aren’t a whole lot of libraries and/or examples out there. … Continue reading

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Scripting in ASP with Java

I’m working on a project right now that involves a store written in Java using Struts and a sister site written in ASP. One of the features of the store requires that the sister site use some logic written in … Continue reading

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Using iText PDF & ColdFusion

Mike Steele sent me an email in reference to an article I wrote for the ColdFusion Developer’s Journal a year or so ago. In the email, he mentions that he is trying to use the iText Java-PDF library with ColdFusion … Continue reading

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Cool URIs don’t change…

Tim Berners Lee wrote this essay years ago (1998 in fact), and it’s a good one. In short, the message is this: … many, many things can change and your URIs can and should stay the same. They only can … Continue reading

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IE Greeting Card Exploit Post Mortem

From the interesting people list back a couple weeks ago, an analysis of an E-card hijack spam. I downloaded a.exe out of curiousity, and have been analysing it. The file contains a number of very interesting strings, which make it … Continue reading

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Struts & Java Tips: Issue #1

The “Issue” thing is a joke. I don’t know what else to call this. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the last couple weeks I’ve been spending with Struts, I learn something new everyday. One of the things that I happened upon … Continue reading

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Web Server Log Parser

From Dominic @ fusetalk, the IIS Log Parser tool: Log Parser 2.0 is a powerful, versatile tool that makes it possible to run SQL-like queries against log files of almost any format and produce the desired information either on the … Continue reading

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Tomcat Session Replication/Clustering

I’m considering whether or not to use the new session clustering capabilities of Tomcat 5. Unfortunately there isn’t much information out there on the subject. I found a short mention in this “What’s New in Tomcat 5” article on OnJava … Continue reading

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