Java UI icons

Sun has a graphics repository with “… graphics have been designed specifically for use with the Java look and feel.” You can download them for free here: [via: cadenhead

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  1. One of my biggest complaints about Java has been the overall look of the GUI environment. While “function” is first and foremost, I also believe things should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

    I know Sun designed everything to fit around there corporate color palette (and to match their workstations,) but man, are their colors dull and drab. I’m not even a graphic designer–nor do I claim to have the smallest amount of artistic ability, but I do have decent eye for style and this has always bothered me.

    I think sun could go a long way to help improve the use of Java by spending some money on the look of GUI elements. The major complaint I tend to here about Java applications are related to the applications appearance.


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