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Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete in ColdFusion

Mike has a great little tool running over on his site that does creates crud for you (where CRUD stands for Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete). In another sense, he’s a couple steps away from creating an object-relational mapping tool … Continue reading

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JSP Coding Standards

bayard: JSP Coding Standards Sun really goes into detail with these conventions (they talk about the use of white space in scriptlets, whether or not to use double or single quotes in tag attributes!)

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The future of instant messaging

Rafe postulates on the future of instant messaging. “A Microsoft product manager says that the future of IM is all companies managing the identities of people inside their organization, and the usage of a clearinghouse to broker connections between organizations.” … Continue reading

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rsync: installation and implementation

I wrote up these directions (based on directions @ on a couple weeks ago when I was doing some work with rsync. Someday I’m sure I’ll need them again… and maybe someone else will benefit. So here goes nothing: … Continue reading

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Lions and tigers and bluetooth!

Ole Bluetooth, King Harald, Would’ve Loved This : “I am in Levi, Finland, at a meeting where we are talking and playing and working wireless. I pull out my laptop, fire up the bluetooth manager to connect with my cell … Continue reading

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Fung Wah Fun

On a personal note, Karen and I just got back from a long weekend in NYC.. we took the Fung Wah bus from Boston’s Chinatown to NYC’s Chinatown Friday morning ($15 per person each way, a steal!) and arrived a … Continue reading

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Swarm Intelligence: An Interview with Eric Bonabeau

On Interesting interview w/ Eric Bonabeau, relevant quotes: “And that swarm intelligence offers an alternative way of designing “intelligent” systems in which autonomy, emergence, and distributedness replace control, preprogramming, and centralization.” — The words ‘autonomy, emergence and distributedness’ are … Continue reading

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Constructing Intelligent Agents Using Java: Professional Developer’s Guide

Couple tidbits from Constructing Intelligent Agents Using Java: Professional Developer’s Guide. Page 3, an Alan Turing quote: “.. if a machine is expected to be infallible, it cannot also be intelligent.” On the classifications of agents (agency, intelligence, mobility): “…Agency … Continue reading

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Staten Island fun…

Karen and I are going to NYC this weekend to hang and to see my grandparents in Staten Island. I *know* some of you have been to New York, got any suggestions for dinner on Friday night?

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Using Google & ColdFusion

I’m sure this has been on Macromedia’s site for a bit, but it’s an interesting article for two reasons: a) I’ve never really looked into the CFX documentation, but it appears from this article that creating a CFX, at least … Continue reading

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