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MIT Museum

Went to the MIT Museum today. My favorite parts included the work of Harold Edgerton (who has a program at MIT named after him), the Holograms, and all the robots (Kismet, Boadicea, Cog and UniRoo).

By far the most interesting robot I saw was the RoboTuna, which looks eerily fishlike (no gills). The tuna (the real one) is known to be able to travel long distances, which led scientists to believe that tuna must use their energy efficiently, which led some crazy geeks to try and replicate the tuna’s efficiences in a robot. I wish they have the video of RoboTuna online, it was amazing to watch.

Some other interesting projects at MIT that I didn’t see at the Museum:

Troody (video!!!)

Towing Tank

Robot Pike (video!!!)

W3C: Who knew that the W3C is an MIT Research Center?

Refrigerator Fred

Mom got me the Lego MINDSTORM Robotics Invention Set for my birthday… made my first bot today, the RoverBot. Light and Touch Sensors, speed control, direction… all with an easy to use visual code editor (really visual: you drag and drop “blocks” of code onto your template, save, download via IR to the bot and run the program). My favorite ‘sample’ program so far is a bot named Refrigerator Fred that lowers his ‘sunglasses’ when he sees bright light. Useless, but fun.