November 17, 2002
The first New England snow

The first New England snow of the season was today! Again being the *true* Californians that we are (not letting weather deter any travel plans), we visited our friends in Maine. Around midnight we decided we would head for home braving the "Noreaster". A 1/2 mile down the road we questioned our courage and considered turning back for the night. The ground is white, but what does ice look like, how many times should we practice breaking, what are we trying to be careful not to do, what is the real risk? Lacking answers to our questions, we pushed on and hoped (prayed) the weather would clear. 30 miles from our friends (40 miles from home) the sleet turned to rain and we were smooth sailing. We always promise ourselves to never travel in inclement weather again. What do we have to prove? (I guess we'll always be naive Californians).

The night higlights: Bookology (by $5 special at the Christmas Tree Shops) Rio Grande Burritos with Creamed Peppers - check out soon, and a certain someone breaking a chair and falling on his bum.

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November 13, 2002
Susan Arbour

So I'm just getting into this *blog* thing. I'm now in the big leagues, although only qualified via my husband. I think it is fascinating that 99.995% of the world has never heard of a blog and I wouldn't either if I wasn't married to a web wiz. So random thoughts in thinking of a title for this blog. One idea from childhood popped into my head: Susan Arbour - middle name and the name of the street you grew up on = Hollywood Name. Doesn't it sound good? What's yours?

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Herb plants and Vegetable Gardening

Herb plants and Vegetable Gardening by The Chef`s Garden

Can't say I've used this site but looks like growing info galore!

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