March 16, 2004
Montreal To Do List


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March 09, 2004
Check back here for concerts

Independent Artist Agency ::: A Division of The Breen Agency

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March 05, 2004
Wall Colors

Emotions Colors Impart:

Red -- It demands attention and has a great emotional impact. It makes us feel empowered. It's a great color for a play area or workout room.

Orange -- In bright tones it's cheerful and exciting. Deeper hues are exotic and exciting. Orange and red hues increase appetite and induce laughter, making them a good choice for the dining room.

Yellow -- Warmth and enlightenment. Yellow is a good color to brighten up a small, dark office. Also a good choice for kitchens in softer hues.

Green -- Fresh, secure, and tranquil. Because it makes you feel calm and restful, it's a good color for bathrooms and bedrooms. But you have to be careful with green in the bathroom -- the wrong shade can turn skin tone yellow when you look in the mirror.

Violet -- Exuding luxury and sensuality, it's a good color for the bedroom, especially lighter shades, which are more comfortable and assuring.

Brown -- Symbolizing physical comfort, ease and contentment, browns and taupes are great for neutral areas like living rooms and kitchens. They are also a good bridge color for areas or hallways that tie one room to another.

Pink -- Universally representing sharing, pink is no longer just for the little girls' rooms. Today mauve and blush hues are popular in living rooms, dens, and dining rooms.

Blue -- The color of tranquility, bringing feelings of comfort and serenity. Like green, great for bathrooms and bedrooms.

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March 04, 2004
St. Patrick's Day Meal

Cook's Illustrated

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Recommendations for Seeds

The Cook's Garden

White Flower Farm

Seeds of Change

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Bridal Shower and Party Ideas

anna william * newburyport

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March 03, 2004
Restaurant & Institutions

R&I: Restaurants and Institutions

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