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Trio Service Manager

Here’s the demo/presentation I did for the Rich Internet Applications Seminar we had two weeks ago. I was able to get it setup on my laptop quite quickly using ColdFusion’s standalone webserver, but getting it running via IIS turned out to be a bigger deal.

To get the most out of it, use the ‘4KEH833’ license plate.

After you complete the demo, make sure to hit this page to restore the original data to the database.

This app took me awhile to get working because Flash remoteing wasn’t working to well w/ the IIS/Virtual Hosts and because I’m not sure that I fully understand CFC’s and pathing issues… I solved the CFC issue by putting the appropriate CFC’s into the c:\CFusionMX\wwwroot\ directory… turns out that these particular CFC’s need access to the application scope so you have to keep an application.cfm in the c:\cfusionmx\wwwroot\[yourfolder] AND [drive]:\hosts\[yourhost]\wwwroot\. This seems kludgy to me, but whatever… The Flash Remoting trick (at least it worked for me twice now) is to run:


(which removes all CFM mappings from IIS)

and then run:


which adds them all back…

restart CF and voila… it should work for you.

You’ll notice that running IIS_connector.bat adds a ‘JRunScripts’ virtual directory to each IIS virtual host you have setup.


I first heard about the WTC attacks by reading this post on at probably 9:00am. I remember walking over to our kitchen at work and mentioning it off handedly to someone else, who confirmed that she had heard ‘something’ about a plane hitting the WTC. We didn’t have a TV at work, so the skeleton crew that stayed (my wife is my ride home and she wasn’t offered the day off) listened to the radio reports, called (tried to) family, read email, and tried and tried to get to,, or any other news site to see what was going on. I remember postulating that the planes were destined for California because that would have meant full tanks of gas, which would lead to more destruction (and perhaps the reason the towers actually did fall)…