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page spider

Instead of searching fields in a database, I think it would be really nice to be able to send a spider to index a site.. obviously complicated, but would be very very handy to have. Also makes a lot more sense to me to search pages than objects. Object searching could be sliced and diced easier but it’s slower and once you find an object, you have to find out where it should be displayed on a page… Create a mini google?

interesting articles

Spent numerous hours tonight trying to get a JSP/Servlet app running again on Tomcat 4.01. I’ve learned (for the second time) that Tomcat is really really fussy about web.xml. It likes things in a certain order or else you get an ugly error message that doesn’t say anything about what *actually* went wrong. Uggh.

Well thought out reasoning on why I should go back to school:

How to internationalize a Struts app: