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Links: 12-26-2007

i completed reading (26 December 2007, Interconnected) Geez… and I thought I did pretty well this year. (categories: reading books 2007 )

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Links: 12-18-2007

Google Admits “Data is the Intel Inside” Quote: “As the applications become apparent, the data will be valuable in new ways, and the company with the most data wins.” (categories: megadata data datamining google )

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Links: 12-16-2007

Coding style – a non-issue – fa.linux.kernel | Google Groups Quote: “… don’t EVER make the mistake that you can design something better than what you get from ruthless massively parallel trial-and-error with a feedback cycle. That’s giving your intelligence … Continue reading

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Links: 12-12-2007

Pimp My Safari: about Quote: “Many excellent plugins for Safari have been developed, but because Safari doesn?t have an official ?extension architecture?, many don?t know of these extensions.” (categories: safari plugins extensions mac apple ) Babe, Bill, Jack and Del: … Continue reading

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SQL: getting the count of the result of a derived table

Recording this for posterity: let’s say you’re working on a store and you’ve got a database table that stores orders and a database table that stores customers and that you want to get a count of all the customers who’ve … Continue reading

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Dates, Milliseconds, Java and Firebug

In Clearspace we store dates using their millisecond representation rather than as a full fledged date in database tables because we don’t want to have to worry about how each database represents dates, but that means that whenever you’re looking … Continue reading

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Links: 12-4-2007

Paul Kedrosky: Defrag, Information Underload, etc. A writeup of the last session at defragcon where ‘information underload’ came up. Pull quote: “The burning question of the near future will not be how much work a person can do safely, but … Continue reading

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Links: 12-3-2007

Shopping at Shelter Institute Learn to draw a set of plans, engineer the structure, design a foundation, frame and enclose the house, wire and plumb it, install windows, design stairs, and create efficient ventilation, heating and cooling in 10 weeks. … Continue reading

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Books: Better Off

A couple of quotes from the book “Better Off: Flipping The Switch On Technology” that I thought were important enough to note here: … tricks like these remove much of the onus from manual labor and add to the sense … Continue reading

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Creating a Firefox Sidebar for Clearspace: Part II

It looks like it was almost 2 months ago that I wrote a blog post about the Clearspace plugin for Firefox (called Clearfox), promising that I would follow up with the details on the JavaScript side of the project. I … Continue reading

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