instantFeeds 1.0.5

Now with support for proxy servers. Read about the new configuration options or download the latest version.

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4 Responses to instantFeeds 1.0.5

  1. Gean says:

    Hey Aaron,

    I want to thanks for this amazing plugin.
    Im trying to use it in my new openfire 3.4.1 server, but im getting a error when i start my openfire:
    “org.jivesoftware.openfire.auth.UnauthorizedException: org.jivesoftware.openfire.user.UserNotFoundException: Username feeds not found”

    Im using active directory and cant create a user feeds because have some security restrictions here.

    Where i can change this user to use another in my AD, or what i have to do to solve this problem?

    Let me thanks in advance !!!

    Best Regards,


  2. ajohnson says:

    hi Gean,

    You can set the following system properties to designate an account other than ‘feeds’ as the account for the bot:




  3. Hendrik says:

    would be cool to see an update soon!

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