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Links: 3-28-2007

Warren Buffett’s 2006 Letter To Berkshire Shareholders Quote: “If you want to get a reputation as a good businessman, be sure to get into a good business.” Lots of other good stuff. (categories: business berkshirehathaway buffet pdf investing )

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Book Review: Crossing the Chasm

Book Review: Crossing the Chasm I don’t remember how Crossing the Chasm got onto my reading list (maybe the Fog Creek Software Management Training Program Reading List?) but I finally got around to reading it over the last couple weeks. … Continue reading

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Links: 3-27-2007

BCOM 522: Corporate Blogs: Sun Microsystems Corporate Blogs Case Study Quote: “… it was about meeting customer needs more quickly by enabling developers to not only speak directly to customers and show that Sun cares about their concerns, but also … Continue reading

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instantFeeds 1.0.1

I updated the instantFeeds plugin tonight to fix a couple bugs with the postgres and hsqldb installation scripts that the guys on the Ignite Realtime site found. You can download 1.0.1 (again, assuming you have already!) and get the latest … Continue reading

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Links: 3-21-2007

Daring Fireball Linked List: March 2007 Quote: “The way I see it, Twitter is to IM and SMS what weblogs were to email and Usenet.” (categories: twitter im sms messaging ) Optimising TortoiseSVN — Programming Blog Good stuff if you’re … Continue reading

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instantFeeds: real time notification of RSS updates via Openfire

I wrote a long winded post a couple months ago with a nebulous title called “IM and RSS: Rome is on Fire” where I talked about the feed bot that I wrote for Wildfire (which is now called Openfire). It’s … Continue reading

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Links: 3-19-2007

NewsGator – News Archive Quote: “Continuous access to real-time data through RSS gives companies a competitive edge in business intelligence, providing them with the information they need to react quickly to business and market changes.” (categories: rss feeds syndication realtime … Continue reading

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Links: 3-16-2007

Google Analytics: The goggles, they do nothing! | Archives | codablog | Coda Hale Great rant on pie chart and 3D graphs. Quote: “… if it’s a simple dataset, boil it down to the essentials. If there are two numbers … Continue reading

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Links: 3-15-2007

Petroglyphs — Blog Archive — WordPress extendedPing bug? The XMLRPC ping API requires 4 parameters for the webogUpdates.extendedPing method. WordPress sends three (see wp-includes/comments.php). Just sayin’. (categories: wordpress extendedPing comment.php api xmlrpc ) Official Google Research Blog: Seattle … Continue reading

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Links: 3-12-2007

Planet Mozilla Blog — Planet Mozilla Plan and Policy proposals Quote: “1. Blogging has a very positive impact in development, and is very well regarded by all readers, and participants. 2. People get a much better understanding for the ‘behind … Continue reading

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