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Links: 12-25-2006

IT Conversations: Ryan Freitas Great rant on what collaboration is and isn’t and on what some of the cool tools are. (categories: collaboration podcast email wikis IM sharing ) Blog by Kveton > The PDX Mojo: Open Source Finding its … Continue reading

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Links: 12-21-2006

Raible Designs | [TSE] Building Modern Web Applications with Mike Stenhouse Lots of good CSS and JavaScript stuff… (categories: css javascript design development standards toread )

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Links: 12-19-2006

Jive jumps into Web collaboration | CNET The cat is jumping out of the bag. (categories: clearspace jive awesomeness )

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Links: 12-16-2006

InfoQ: How to Design a Good API & Why it Matters Video of Josh Bloch at Javapolis. (categories: api java presentations reference software videos design )

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Links: 12-11-2006 None of the apps are useful and it’s slow, but still… wow. (categories: javascript os prototype scriptaculous desktop )

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Script.aculous, Autocompleter, Element.collectTextNodes and Element.cleanWhitespace

A couple days ago I was fighting with the Script.aculous autocompleter. I was using code that was almost exactly like the customized autocompletion demo, where the content returned from the AJAX call was a bulleted list of items with each … Continue reading

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Links: 12-7-2006

The Loss of James Kim | MetaFilter Google ad at the bottom of the page: Unconditional Love (categories: family ) Into the Wild (2007) Fascinating book, becoming a movie in 2007. (categories: tosee adventure wilderness mccandless )

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Ajax.Autocompleter is not a constructor

Using script.aculous to create some cool effects on your website? Ever get this error message? Ajax.Autocompleter is not a constructor All of the results I found on Google suggested that the solution to the problem was to make sure that … Continue reading

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Links: 12-4-2006

CopyAllUrls Mozilla-Firefox Extension ? CopyAllUrls is a Firefox extension that copies and pastes all urls of open tabs inclusive history in structured and well defined form to and from the clipboard. (categories: firefox extensions )

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RSS/Atom feeds, Last Modified and Etags

Sometime last week I read this piece by Sam Ruby, which summarized says this: …don’t send Etag and Last-Modified headers unless you really mean it. But if you can support it, please do. It will save you some bandwidth and … Continue reading

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