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Transparent PNG plus pngfix.js

A couple weeks back I mentioned that I used this JavaScript hack to enable IE to see transparent PNG’s in the way I wanted them to be seen (you know, with transparency). I should mention that I had to back … Continue reading

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Wildfire Enterprise launches..

For the last couple weeks I’ve been working on the ‘Deep, Real-time Reporting’ features of Wildfire Enterprise, which officially launched today (if you’ve ever thought about messing around with instant messaging / XMPP / Jabber, I’d highly recommend checking it … Continue reading

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Links: 6-27-2006

Data Mining More infoviz love. (categories: design infoviz stats visualization ) Registering an Application to a URL Protocol Found after a couple minutes of googling to help with this doc: I think this means I could create a URI … Continue reading

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Links: 6-26-2006

Gabbly – Really cool inline chat on any webpage. Some really interesting applications. I’m subscribed to the feed for my blog, feel free to leave a message via gabbly if you want. (categories: IM browser chat ) La Chose … Continue reading

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Links: 6-20-2006

ewbi.develops: IE: Changing a Textbox Value in its OnChange Event Read the comments for a good discussion of the difference between IE & FF re: radio buttons and the onchange event. (categories: javascript onchange radio ) Unix FAQ – The … Continue reading

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Links: 6-12-2006

andy » ScreenGrab 0.8! Handy utility that automatically creates png screenshots in Firefox. (categories: extensions firefox plugins screenshots ) Paul Kedrosky’s Infectious Greed: The Web is the Database Better said “web dumpster diving”. (categories: web2.0 web_dumpster_diving )

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Transparent PNG Charts with JFreeChart

If you’re one of the 3 people in the world that need to create a transparent PNG image using JFreeChart, you’ve come to the right place: JFreeChart chart = ChartFactory.createXYBarChart(…); chart.setBackgroundPaint(new Color(255,255,255,0)); … KeypointPNGEncoderAdapter encoder = new KeypointPNGEncoderAdapter(); encoder.setEncodingAlpha(true); encoder.encode(chart.createBufferedImage(width, … Continue reading

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Links: 6-8-2006 :: blog: Force Directed Graphs in Javascript? It’s amazing what you can do with JavaScript these days. (categories: graphing infoviz javascript visualization )

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Using Apache James and JavaMail to implement Variable Envelope Return Paths

I submitted a skeleton of the article that follows to JDJ, was told they would like to ‘commission’ it and then finally submitted it only to never hear anything back from them. So instead you get to read it here. … Continue reading

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Links: 6-5-2006

Slashdot | Apple releases iPod Slashdot users initial reaction to the release of the iPod. I was trying to remember the URL for this a couple weeks back in a discussion we had at work related to (categories: apple ipod … Continue reading

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