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Links: 12-14-2005

dev2dev: Using and hacking Subclipse – the Subversion plugin for Eclipse I’ve tried this once before and it didn’t work so well. (categories: eclipse ide subversion )

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CIS 552: Database Design

I took the final exam today in my CIS 552 Database Design course. I think I did ok on the exam but more importantly, I learned a lot this semester. I think the main takeway from the course is that … Continue reading

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SQL Server Group By Datetime

If you’ve ever used SQL Server, you know that there’s no such thing as a Date or Time, only Datetime. According to SQL Server Books Online: “If only a time is specified when setting a datetime or smalldatetime value, the … Continue reading

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Links: 12-3-2005

Remote Debugging with Eclipse + Tomcat The Java Debugger (jdb) is a dynamic, controlled, assignment-based debugging tool. It helps find and fix bugs in the Java language programs both locally and on the server. To use jdb in a J2EE … Continue reading

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Java, JTDS, PreparedStatement and varchar

I’ve been working on an interesting application at work that needs to be fast, the faster the better in fact. I wrote a couple quick and dirty implementations in my scratchpad in Eclipse and I figured that I could get … Continue reading

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Links: 12-1-2005

SwitchTower: Automating Application Deployment SwitchTower is a standalone utility that can also integrate nicely with Rails. You simply provide SwitchTower with a deployment recipe that describes your various servers and their roles, and voila! You magically have single-command deployment. It … Continue reading

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