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Links: 10-26-2005

ferret – Trac A Ruby port of Lucene. (categories: lucene ruby )

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Links: 10-24-2005

Flock: Getting Started With Flock Wow, the integrated search of all the pages I’ve visited seems like a really nice feature. (categories: clucene flock )

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Links: 10-23-2005

NHibernate 1.0 Released The first stable .NET port of Hibernate was released recently, it is ‘comparable’ to version 2.1 of Hibernate. (categories: hibernate nhibernate opensource orm )

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Links: 10-11-2005

Shelving Subversion “… a way for a developer to put aside a set of changes come back to them later.” (categories: shelving subversion ) Ruby Code & Style New magazine devoted to ruby. (categories: artima ruby )

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Subversion + Ant Release Scripts

I’m not sure where this script fits into ‘The Joel Test’, but in the interest of automating the process of releasing a build in Subversion, I had the new guy (hey Pete!) spend his first couple days writing a script … Continue reading

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Database Meaning

Rafe Colburn pointed to a blog posting by David Heinemeier Hansson where he that you should keep your business logic in your business layer rather than in your database which then lead to a blog post by Martin Fowler entitled … Continue reading

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Links: 10-6-2005

How to Use Rails With Subversion in Ruby on Rails Rails generates a good number of files that you don’t want stored in your source code repository. Here’s how to set it up. (categories: rails subversion )

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Links: 10-3-2005

Rockets – a photoset on Flickr I launched a bunch of Estes model rockets as a kid, I had no idea the rockets get this big now. Wow. (categories: aerotech estes rockets ) A short introduction to the other … Continue reading

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Links: 10-2-2005

Joel on Software – The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code We’re trying to get pass the Joel Test at at work, quiet working conditions is going to be the hardest to pass. (categories: quality software )

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