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Links: 9-26-2005

Prototype JavaScript Framework: Class-style OO, Ajax, and more Included with rails and extended by and rico. (categories: framework javascript ) – web 2.0 javascript Pretty cool JavaScript library based on prototype, via Ben Galbraith / NFJS (categories: … Continue reading

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Links: 9-20-2005

Jetty 6.0 Continuations – AJAX Ready! The alpha version of Jetty was modified to include support for AJAX using continuations. (categories: ajax continuations java jetty ) Bogle’s Blog >> Jobster Tools and Technology Phil Bogle lists out the various technologies … Continue reading

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Update to embedded Axis application in Tomcat

I got a great email from Tam├ís in response to my last post who pointed out that the straight copy of deploy.wsdd to server-config.wsdd doesn’t cut it. More importantly, he mentioned that there is a utility that ships with Axis … Continue reading

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