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Java Class.forName(String className) and JDBC

A reader asked a question via a comment a couple months ago that I didn’t really have an answer for (and had always kind of wondered the same thing). In the original post (which showed how to use JDBC with … Continue reading

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DHTML Spell CheckerPretty nice looking, it doesn’t like apostrophes though.(categories: ajax dhtml javascript spelling ) Django | The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlinesDjango is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.(categories: framework python … Continue reading

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Adaptive Path interview with Jared Spool: how to ask questions

Great story from an interview that Adapative Path’s Peter Merholz did with the founder of User Interface Engineering Jared Spool: PM: Any other mistakes, in terms of how tests are structured? JS: There are many problems I see in terms … Continue reading

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ACME Updates – JavaScript web serverA HTTP server written using JavaScript. More information here: http javascript )

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Last month I wrote about a quick utility which uses the delicious-java and Apache XML-RPC libraries to grab posts from my account and post them to my Metaweblog enabled (in my case Movable Type) blog. I’m not sure that … Continue reading

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TrimPath – TracOpen source JavaScript stuff including a spreadsheet and a client side JavaScript query engine with SQL-like syntax. You have to see it to believe it.(categories: ajax javascript query spreadsheet sql )

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Visa USA | Small Business & Merchants | Cardholder Information Security ProgramVisa’s security program for merchants and service providers. If the company you work for stores credit card numbers, you should be doing all the stuff they mention already, but … Continue reading

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ASP.NET: The resource cannot be found.

Spent some time today buried in IIS trying to figure out why an ASP.NET application would throw the following error message for every single page that existed in an application within a website: Server Error in ‘/myapp’ Application. —————————————————- The … Continue reading

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Trailing Slashes, IIS and F5 / Big-IP

We’ve had a problem on our websites at work for the last couple years where if a user doesn’t use a trailing slash when visiting a directory, ie: the user gets a “The page cannot be displayed” error. The … Continue reading

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Links: 7-7-2005

Rico – HomeAn open-source JavaScript library for creating RIA’s. Ajax, drag / drop and cinematic effects.(categories: ajax javascript rico sabre ) Eclipse’s Culture of ShippingErich Gamma on the Eclipse model of development: “… we always want to be in beta.”(categories: … Continue reading

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