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Strategy Design Pattern applied to hashCode() and equals()

The latest issue of the JavaSpecialists newsletter (by Dr. Heinz Kabutz) features a lengthy look at possibility of applying the Strategy design pattern to the equals() and hashCode() methods commonly used in Java. In it he concludes that the equals … Continue reading

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Wildlife of Buzzards Bay

It’s getting warmer here in Mattapoisett, not warm enough walk on the beach in the evening without a jacket, but warmer nonetheless. Tonight I walked down to Brandt Island Cove with Jazz and took a couple snapshots of the things … Continue reading

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Showing Google’s Web Accelerator the door using Java / ServletFilter

The guys over at 37 Signals posted an explanation of why they think the Google Web Accelerator is a bad idea and a link to a page which shows how you can disable the Google Web Accelerator by analyzing HTTP … Continue reading

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Paper Review: Two Case Studies of Open Source Software

The term paper for the class I’m taking (Paradigmatic Software Development) required that we write a review of a article that has appeared in a software engineering journal. I spent about 45 minutes trying to poke around the journal locator … Continue reading

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