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New Outlook Connector for Notes

If you happen to work for a company that uses the worst email client ever, you should try the Outlook Connector for IBM Lotus Notes/Domino. Combined with the ReadAsPlain registry hack, I can communicate with my fellow CowOrkers without having … Continue reading

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Merge multiples MP3 files into one

This last week someone sent me a CD with fifty 60 second tracks (it was a presentation that someone inexplicably saved as fifty separate tracks instead of one contiguous fifty minute block) that they wanted ripped into a single MP3. … Continue reading

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Top 15 Ant Best Practices

Good stuff over at, the article “Top 15 Ant Best Practices” gives 15 recommendations on how you should be using Ant to structure and complete your builds. We’re using most of these already at work; I’d be curious to … Continue reading

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ASP, Java, Cookies and URLEncode

One of the bugs I tracked down a couple months ago dealt with the different ways in which ASP and Java handle URL encoding in a cookies. ASP automatically encodes and decodes cookie values (without you telling it too even … Continue reading

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Douglas Hofstadter @ MIT on April 12

Douglas Hofstadter (Le Ton beau de Marot, Goedel, Escher, Bach, The Mind’s I, etc..) will be speaking at MIT on April 12. More information is available at on the MIT Language, Cognition, and Computation Seminar Series website. I wish I … Continue reading

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