On a personal note…

The activity around here has been pretty slow lately because a) we closed on a house in southern Massachusetts on July 7th (pictures from inspection day), b) one week later our Tivo Series 2 arrived from Amazon and then one week later we found out that we’re having a boy in December! The Tivo is named DVR E7EB, no word on what we’re gonna name our kid. Suggestions welcomed.

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3 Responses to On a personal note…

  1. ErikG says:

    Congrats on the house! Looks great… but that looks like a big yard to have to mow (one thing I don’t like about owning).

  2. Let the world prepare for another Johnson. Write all the code you can now because after JR, you’ll be drinking Red Bull and coffee en masse. Congrats Aaron -

  3. Joe Cheng says:

    Congrats, congrats, and CONGRATS!! You two are going to make the best parents!

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