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Commons Net FTP and Active vs. Pasv connections

In my current project at work I needed to programmatically FTP some XML documents to a remote system and so in my continuing quest to try and use every open source Java library that exists in the wild (not really, … Continue reading

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Hibernate: Returning N records in a random order

Hibernate: Returning N records in a random order I was pleasantly surprised by Hibernate yesterday when I tried need to have a web page show a listing of 3 randomly chosen articles. Using SQL Server, you’d write a query like … Continue reading

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UBL 1.0

Last week Tim Bray mentioned the May 1st release of UBL 1.0, which he defines as “… a set of general-purpose XML-encoded business documents: orders, acknowledgments, packing slips, invoices, receipts.” He goes on to compare UBL to HTML, saying that … Continue reading

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ColdFusion MX and java.sql

Last week a reader sent me an interesting problem. When deleting a record from a database using a standard <cfquery> tag you don’t get any indication back that let’s you know whether or not the row or rows in question … Continue reading

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