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Hibernate: Non object retrieval

Hibernate has significantly reduced the amount of time I’ve spent on the writing and maintaining SQL in the applications I’m working on. Because it exists to map data from Java classes to database tables and back, there aren’t alot of … Continue reading

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Hibernate: A Developer’s Notebook

Oreilly is publishing a book on Hibernate, to be released in May. Nice.

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Struts & Java Tips: Issue #2

A couple weeks ago I wrote a short essay on some of the things that I ran into while working with Java and Jakarta Struts. Because I didn’t know what else to call it, I jokingly referred to it as … Continue reading

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Hibernate: Communication link failure:

I recently launched a new site based on Struts, Hibernate and MySQL and immediately ran into a weird issue where Hibernate lost the ability to make database connections after a long period of inactivity. For the record, the stack trace … Continue reading

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Amazon launched a new search engine today…, more from John Battelle.

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J2EE Email Marketing Software

The company I’m working for is looking for an email marketing solution. Requirements: doesn’t cost an arm and a leg open, extensible J2EE based enjoyable to use In short, if you know where I can find the JIRA of email … Continue reading

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Bouncy Castle 1.23 released…

The folks at Bouncy Castle released version 1.23 which includes a ton of fixes for the openpgp package. Read more about it here.

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ASP.NET: Data-binding array of hashtables

Spent this morning in ASP.NET land working on a small modification in which I needed to data bind an array of hashtables to an <asp:repeater>. Looks like some other ASP.NETers had the same problem, but the ‘solutions’ they offered didn’t … Continue reading

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JavaServer Faces notes from NEJUG meeting

Just got back from the April NEJUG meeting on JavaServer Faces, which didn’t go so smoothly. The projector lamp went out about 10 minutes into the presentation, which left David Geary with no access to his slides for about 1.5 … Continue reading

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Upgrading from Tomcat 4.x to 5.0.19: java.lang.IllegalStateException

Seems like this new ‘feature’ of Tomcat 5 is buried in Google, bringing it to the top for anyone interested. If you port a servlet from Tomcat 4.x to Tomcat 5 and you use (pseudo) code like this: public void … Continue reading

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