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JSP Tag Files

I’ve written my fair share of JSP 1.0 tags, the hell of deciding whether to extend TagSupport or extend BodyTagSupport and implement BodyTag, writing tons of StringBuffer append statements left alot to be desired. Almost all of the tags that … Continue reading

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JSTL vs. Struts taglib

The last couple weeks have been spent working on a couple different Struts applications, all of which will be deployed on Tomcat 5 with Hibernate. I’m finding that working with Struts is an enjoyable experience, the framework encourages true separation … Continue reading

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Mind Wide Open coming to Cambridge this Thursday

If you’re a fan of Steven Berlin Johnson, he’s giving a talk at the Harvard Bookstore this coming Thursday, February 26th at 6pm. Further details are available on the Harvard Bookstore site.

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Can a Developing Nation Be Creative?

Nicholas Negroponte asks the above question in one of the articles from the latest issue of ITID [abstract] [full source]. From what I gather, he posits that for developing nations to be successful, they require “.. discipline, team playing, and … Continue reading

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Information Technologies and International Development Journal

At the bottom of the latest MIT Press newsletter was the introduction of a new journal called “Information Technologies and International Development” or ITID for short. It’s focus is: “… on the intersection of information and communication technologies with international … Continue reading

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C# Public Properties vs. Java getX() and setX()

Martin Fowler blogged about C# properties a couple weeks back saying that he “.. liked the notion of properties right from the start..” because it’s “.. much more natural to write obj.X = other.X.” Further, ” … from a language … Continue reading

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Amazon Web Services Newletter cool links

The February Amazon Web Services Newsletter had some pretty cool applications: Blogfuel: “Use blogfuel to create a link to an individual item at amazon (using ASIN Search) to illustrate your book review. Or place the code in the sidebar of … Continue reading

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Ant WAR Task & WEB-INF in lowercase

If you use the Ant war task to create, well, war files, and you notice that the resulting archive has a lowercase WEB-INF folder, it’s a not a bug with Ant, as the documentation states: We regulary receive bug reports … Continue reading

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Asynchronous Method Invocation in Java

I’m working on a web application that needs to kick off a process that could take anywhere from 5 seconds to an hour, so I need to be able to call a method and have it return immediately. A google … Continue reading

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