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Java Object Caching

I was interested in Java caching techniques a couple months ago (almost a year ago in fact) and looked into the various caching libraries available at that time. Srini Penchikala published an article @ this past December that looks … Continue reading

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Superb article on Generics in C# & Java

Bill Venners posted another great article on, this one the 7th in a series of conversations with Anders Hejlsberg. If you’re not familiar with generics, Anders provides a quick introduction and then dives into explaining how C# generics were … Continue reading

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Struts ActionForm validate() question

I’m trying to setup a simple contact us form that gathers information from a user, checks that the information is valid and then emails the information off to a third party using Struts v1.1, specifically an ActionForm and an Action. … Continue reading

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From the Hibernate Related Projects page, Hibernator is an Eclipse plugin for Hibernate. Download and install the plugin and it will automatically generate hbm mapping files from existing Java source files (open up the source in question, then go to … Continue reading

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Hibernate Code Generation

Justin left a comment about various tools for generating Java code from XML. Last week while I was reading about Hibernate I was interested to read that the same files you use to persist POJO’s to a database using Hibernate … Continue reading

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Ant & Tomcat Manager on virtual hosts

I’m kicking out a couple freelance projects using Struts and Hibernate in the next couple weeks, this weekend I was fiddling with the Ant build script and I remembered Tomcat Manager App, which allows you to reload contexts while Tomcat … Continue reading

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.NET, Reflection and multiple assemblies

As part of a project I worked on at Mindseye, I wrote a couple utilities using C# that used reflection to query a given type for the existence of a method and if the method existed, to then invoke the … Continue reading

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ColdFusion & log4j

The January issue of ColdFusion Developer’s Journal features an article I wrote on how to integrate ColdFusion and log4j entitled “Integrating log4j and CFMX – An open source Java project gives developers new capabilities”. You can read it here. While … Continue reading

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Instant Messenging with ColdFusion, Jabber and Smack

I noticed a couple different people wanting information on instant messenging with ColdFusion and then in another place instant messenging with Jabber and ColdFusion in the last couple days (for reasons beyond me) [first on cfguru, then on my blog, … Continue reading

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NAnt build file tips

I found the documentation for NAnt to be lacking in build file examples, especially examples that deal with more than one task or include. If you’re completely new to NAnt, I’d suggest reading the article that Jeffrey McManus wrote for … Continue reading

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