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Dangerious Ideas Seminar: Why I hate programming

If you’re in the New England area next week, you should check out the “Why I hate programming” seminar at MIT. The abstract sounds interesting: “Over the past thirty years a host of new ideas about programming have emerged from … Continue reading

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Shallow comparison of ASP.NET to Flex

Flex seems pretty interesting when you realize how similar it is to something like ASP.NET. Look how similar this snippet of Flex: <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”iso-8859-1″?> <mx:Application xmlns:mx=””>    <mx:script>    function copy() {       destination.text=source.text       }    </mx:script>    <mx:TextInput id=”source” width=”100″/>    <mx:Button label=”Copy” click=”copy()”/> … Continue reading

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QueryParser … in NLucene

Misleading title. I implemented the first of the examples that Erik Hatcher used in his article about the Lucene QueryParser, only I used NLucene. Lucene and NLucene are very similar, so if anything, it’s interesting only because it highlights a … Continue reading

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Lucene’s Query API

Erik Hatcher wrote an excellent article on the specifics of Lucene’s Query API, specifically on how the QueryParser class uses the Query subclasses including TermQuery, PhraseQuery, RangeQuery, WildcardQuery, PrefixQuery, FuzzyQuery and BooleanQuery. Very useful stuff. Not unsurprisingly, he’s also writing … Continue reading

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2003 Lightweight Languages Workshop notes

Joe and I went to the Lightweight Languages Workshop at MIT this past Saturday. In short, a bunch of nerds got together for the entire day to talk about stuff like haskell, lisp, lua, scheme, and boundaries. If you’re at … Continue reading

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CFX_Lucene updates

Couple people have written me in the last couple days with updates they’ve done to the Lucene and ColdFusion tags I wrote a couple months ago. First, Nick Burch from Torchbox updated the CFX tag so that it “… behaves … Continue reading

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C# Indexers

At Mindseye we’ve written a content management system, which is really just the net result of writing and improving upon a modular code base for a bunch of different websites in a variety of programming languages (ASP.NET, ASP, ColdFusion, and … Continue reading

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Contracts and Interoperability

Bill Venners posts part 5 of his converstation with Anders Hejlsberg, this one entitled “Contracts and Interoperability“.

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C# static constructors, destructors

Spent some more time on the C# logging class I’ve been working on. Per Joe’s suggestions, I modified the StreamWriter so that it is now a class variable and as such, it need not be initialized every time the class … Continue reading

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